About Us

We are redefining the nail industry in the Twin Cities! We provide top-of-the-line nail services including Acrylic, Hard Gel, and Sculpted Enhancements, as well as Gel Manicures and Lavish Pedicures. We specialize in trendy nail art and designs and offer an experience unlike any other nail salon. Little Luxuries Nail lounge carries Organic, Cruelty-Free, and non-toxic long lasting quality products. We have over 500 polish shades to choose from! 

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Some of Amy's work:

Say “Hello” to Amy, CEO of Little Luxuries. Her love for art and creating began with singing, photography, and makeup, so doing nails and providing superb customer service came naturally to Amy. She finds purpose in changing nail salon culture and creating a one-of-a-kind experience for every client who comes to Little Luxuries. Her philosophy is that no matter how small, indulging in a “little luxury” is one of the best ways to show yourself love and care. 


Amy offers one-on-one Nail Classes with nail techs in training and loves to create clean and intricate nail art. She specializes in Acrylic Application and pristine shaping. Any moment she has free, you’ll find her playing with her kids, stuffing her face with yummy sweets, taking pictures, or vacationing with her closest loved ones! Despite being a full-time salon owner and highly involved super-mom, her hope is to continue inspiring and supporting other boss babes in reaching their dreams. 


Melody is the assistant manager and a nail artist at Little Luxuries.  She is the younger sister of salon owner, Amy, and daughter of co-owner, Nou. Melody began her professional nail career in 2014.  She specializes in all artificial enhancements and intricate nail art including hand-drawn designs, 3D art, and rhinestones. Aside from doing nails, Melody has a deep passion for fashion, art, music, and above all, traveling.  When she has the chance outside of the salon, you’ll find her traveling for concerts with her friends and taking photos.

Some of Melody's work:


Tang was first introduced to the nail industry as a receptionist at a salon in her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was intrigued by the ability to create art on such a small canvas and subsequently embarked on her nail journey in 2013. Her specialities include free-hand drawings and intricate nail art. She finds inspiration through art, brands, and logos. A self-proclaimed foodie, Tang can’t get enough of sweets, pastries, and ice cream! She has an expansive taste in music ranging from pop to hiphop, and even Bollywood music. She loves to sing, dance, and cook. Her free time is spent with her friends and family, her fiancé, and her dog, Milo. Some of her favorite travel spots include New York, San Diego, and Miami and hopes to travel overseas soon!

Some of Tang's work:


Na is one of the three receptionist in the salon who has now transitioned into being a full-time nail artist. Na’s love for nails developed at the age of 16. She is steadily growing her knowledge and skills in nails and loves performing acrylic enhancements. Her favorite nail styles include encapsulated nail art and rhinestones. Her bubbly personality is the first trait you’ll recognize about her, but you might not expect her to have a deep interest and passion for exotic pets. Na has 5 snakes and a tortoise that she adores and enjoys traveling, reading, and above all, eating! Fun Fact: Na’s name actually means “Snake” in Hmong.

Some of Na's work:


Chue is a highly skilled nail artist and her love for learning is apparent in her impressive growth in skills and technique that have developed in the short span of a year. Chue constantly challenges herself to perfect her craft and it's visible in her nail art. Her strengths include long acrylic and hard gel enhancements. Having moved to the United States just over 10 years ago, her devotion to her career and passion is something that is irreplaceable in our team. Outside of work, Chue enjoys cooking and loves to share her cookery with everyone around her. She loves to dress up and do her hair in and in her free time, spends time with her children.

Some of Chue's work:


Some of Ebei's work:

Elizabeth (Ee-bay), is the salon manager & a skilled nail artist at Little Luxuries. Her nail career began in 2018. Ebei specializes in all artificial systems including acrylic and hard gel enhancements. She excels in performing free-hand art and 3D art. Outside of the salon, Ebei is a self-proclaimed unicorn, this is apparent through her style of rainbow and holographic designed clothing and accessories. She’s an accomplished cook and loves to travel and eat. 


Tania’s nail career began as a receptionist at Little Luxuries in 2019 and transitioned into a nail artist. She is continuously developing her skills in artificial enhancements and designs. Tania’s specialties include impeccable cuticle work, and gel manicures. Her personal nail style is influenced by Korean and Japanese nail art. Her quest for perfection is what drives her to do her absolute best with every clients she sees. At the young age of 17, Tania moved from Indonesia to the United States with a passion and desire to explore and experience a new country. That passion for new experiences remains as she still loves to travel with her husband and family. Her interests include cooking, eating delicious food, and watching movies. 

Some of Tania's work:


Jelly became a part of Little Luxuries in 2019, after moving into the cities. She specializes in artificial enhancements including acrylic and hard gel and excels in nail art, intricate designs. Outside of dominating the nail game, Jelly enjoys fashion, poetry, music, and she loves being active. Her first love was makeup before she found her passion for nails. Her love for beauty, fashion, and music highly influences her nail style and its shows in her work!! Although she enjoys trying new foods, her favorite food is fruits!

Some of Jelly's work: