About Us

Little Luxuries Nail Lounge is a Luxury Nail salon located in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis. (**There is a parking lot located between the alley of our salon and FedEx next door that customers may park in for an hourly rate.  This avoids walking long distances from other parking spaces.)
We are redefining the nail industry in the Twin Cities!  We provide top-of-the-line nail services including acrylic, hard gel, and sculpted enhancements, as well as gel manicures and lavish pedicures.  We NOW we offer customized artificial press on nail sets too!!!  We specialize in trendy nail art and designs and offer an experience unlike any other nail salon.  Little Luxuries Nail lounge carries Organic, Cruelty-Free, and non-toxic products.  We have over 500 polish shades to choose from! 
Little Luxuries has been a collaborative project for owners, Amy Vang and Nou Yang. The mother and daughter duo who already own a successful nail salon in North Carolina have expanded their horizons to Uptown Minneapolis. Through years of working together, they realized that work alone isn’t always the most fulfilling task in life.
It’s easy to get caught up in the busy routine of daily life and we forget to stop and recognize the little things that make every day special and unique. We want to remind our clients that it is important to indulge in their own little luxuries, whether it be pampering themselves or simply spending an afternoon with loved ones. Our nail lounge is named after Amy’s three “little luxuries;” her children. Our mission is to provide you the ultimate nail experiences that you can call your own Little Luxuries. Thank you so much for your continued support of our small business. 
Little Luxe Press-On Sets
We understand that with recent global events, its still uncertain whether it is safe to do even the most mundane daily tasks, much less self-care activities which is why Little Luxuries is now offering new luxury press-on nails.  We want you to be able to experience Little Luxuries even from the comfort of your own home. 
Our luxury press-ons are custom crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail by the same team of talented nail technicians that you're used to visiting here at Little Luxuries.  We can guarantee that the quality of your press-ons will not be compromised and that you will be met with the same salon-quality work that we uphold in our face-to-face services.
All Little Luxe press-on sets are enhanced with gel products to ensure durability, thickness, and strength. This means that they are acetone resistant and will not dull or stain.  Each set  is conveniently mailed to you so you'll get the salon experience without having to actually come into the salon! (Although we'd love to see your smiling face!)