1.What comes with my press-on purchase? 

Your order comes with a set of 10 custom fitted nails and printed application/removal instructions. 

Application prep kits are sold separately. "Luxe Prep Kits" are available for purchase for $5.00 that include everything you need to properly apply your Luxe Press-ons.  

2. How long do Little Luxe press-ons last? 

Depending on which application method you choose, press-ons will last between 3 days to 2 weeks.  Application with nail tabs typically last between 1-3 days with careful wear and use. 

With proper care and application, press-ons applied with the nail glue provided in the application kit can be worn for 1-2 weeks. We do not recommend wearing them for longer than 2 weeks at a time to avoid potential bacterial or water mold growth between the natural nail and the applied tip. 

The key to long wear is avoiding prolonged exposure to water and manual labor.

Remember that aside from the baby boomer and encapsulated sets, press-ons are not created with acrylic like a set of nails you would receive during a salon service. While our press-ons are made with top-quality gel products for thickness, they are not break resistant and are not made to replicate the durability of an acrylic nail. Treat your press-ons with care for optimal wear.  

3. Are my press-ons reusable?  

Yes, with proper removal and after care, press-ons are reusable. See instructions on how to safely and carefully remove and reuse your press-ons on our Application and Removal page.  

  • We do not recommend wearing press-on nails for longer than 1-2 weeks at a time.
  • We are not responsible for your aftercare regime or any injury/contra-action that may occur as a result of wearing press-on tips.  

4.  Returns or Exchange? 

We have a strict NO Returns or Exchange Policy.  We strongly suggest that you measure your nails as accurately as possible following the instructions provided in the Sizing Instructions page. Also be sure to take into consideration your natural nail shape when ordering to ensure the best fit and longest wear. Each set is custom made to the measurements you provide. We are NOT responsible for nails ordered in the incorrect size. 

Disclaimer: All photos are shot and edited to depict the most accurate representation of colors, designs, and finishes.  Please understand that lighting and screens may affect the way a color is represented on your device.  Slight color variation from photo and actual nail may occur.  

We understand that everyone's nails are different, Little Luxe press-ons are most suited to fit those with "normal" nail curvature. Visit our "Sizing Instructions" page to find out your nail curvature. We are not responsible for press-ons that are ill-fitted to concave or convex nails. 

With the number of Covid-19 cases rising, we are taking extra pre-cautions to ensure that our press-ons are produced in a clean and regularly sanitized environment.  We can not guarantee that returns will be made with the same sanitation standards. Please understand that the safety and health of our customers and staff are our top priority. 

5.  Are custom design sets available for purchase? 

YES, we are NOW offering custom design sets.  Sets will vary upon request after consultation and price quoting through our contact form with our nail artist team. 

6. When will I receive my order? 

For shipping questions, refer to our "Shipping and Retail Policy" page.  All sets are custom made to order.  Although a set may only take a few hours to make, depending on the number of orders we have coming in and how many artists are available, we may have several orders in process at one time.  We take great care in creating your handmade set to ensure top quality.  Your set will be made in the order it was received.  Orders can take between 2-4 weeks to create and ship.  Processing time does not include shipping time.  Once your order is fulfilled and shipped, you will receive a notification with tracking information.