BTS! BTS! BTS! -- Are you guys ready to see our boyz again
?! Cuz we are! 

In light of their recently postponed tour, figured we would go ahead and have some fun by creating this exclusive one of a kind look for our fellow A.R.M.Y!   We're so excited and can't wait guys!  Hope to see you rocking this set come next year when the tour gets rescheduled!

This set was inspired by a collection of BTS album concepts ranging from their LY/SY era to their new MoTS 7.  

***Please note, NOT all shapes are offered for each size. Designs WILL VARY depending on length and shape of desired nail.  Because our designs are handcrafted individually, all styles will be replicated as close as possible to the design shown in our picture samples.  Be sure to include your nail measurements (in millimetres) into either the "ENTER NAIL MEASUREMENTS HERE" box on the product page OR into the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" box during checkout before you complete your purchase. 

SHORT (Avg Width 12 mm / Avg Length 18 mm)

MEDIUM (Avg Width 13 mm / Avg Length 23 mm)

LONG (Avg Width 14 mm / Avg Length 30 mm)