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Please read our booking policy and our service menu breakdown before booking an appointment with us. Since we are very appointment based, it is essential that clients inform us of all the details and accurate services that they want performed.  If you are unsure of your services but would still like to book with us, call us to consult with us and one of our staff would gladly help guide you through the process. If you decide to change your service the day of or at the time of your appointment, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

Requesting for gel nails does not mean that you will get a full set but instead a manicure with gel polish. Please be sure to request for an acrylic full set or hard gel full set if you want artificial nails. If you scheduled an appointment for a manicure but wanted a full set, we will not be able to accommodate your request and you will have to go with your original booked service or reschedule your appointment with the forfeiture of your $20 authorization.

Manicure (Regular or Gel):

Nail service performed on your NATURAL nails that includes soak, cuticle care, light massage, and regular polish, gel polish or buff and shine.

Common mistakes that clients make when calling to book their appointment:

1.When you call and request for a manicure, you will get a manicure!  Requesting for a manicure does not mean you will get a full set of artificial nails.  We block off 30 minutes for a regular manicure and 45 minutes to

1 hour for a gel manicure.


Full Sets (Acrylic or Hard Gel):


Artificial enhancements created with tip extensions in either acrylic powder or hard gel. These services do not include a manicure but can be added onto the service for an additional charge of $15.  If you are wanting a new set and currently have artificial nails on, please inform us so we can allocate the proper amount of time for a soak off/drill down. If we are not informed, we may will not be able to give you a fresh set.  However, we can perform a fill instead.  Acrylic soak offs are $25 and Hard Gel removal is $15.  

  • Acrylic full set: enhancement is created when acrylic powder (polymer) and liquid (monomer) are mixed and then applied on to the nail and nail tip extension.

  • Hard gel full set: enhancement is created with gel product that is built on the nail and cured in a LED lamp. Hard gels enhancements DO NOT soak off, therefore we have to drill them down to your natural nails.



Colored Acrylic Full Set:

Artificial enhancements created with tip extensions achieved with colored acrylic powders. Includes ombre, custom glitter nails, and pink and white application.

Sculpted Full Set:

Artificial enhancements/sculpted extensions using free forms instead of nail tips.  Can be achieved with acrylic or hard gel.


Foot services that include but are not limited to: soak, cuticle care, heel scrub or callus treatment, massage, and polish/buff and shine, performed on toes. Gel polish can be added for an additional charge of $15. Ingrown toenail removal is not included; we will do our best to clip off what we can see but we advise clients to see a podiatrist for an ingrown toenail removal.


Colored acrylic powder applied to nails using resin and dipping technique. Can be applied as a full set using nail tips.  These services do not include a manicure but can be added onto the service for an additional charge of $15.



Artificial enhancements such as acrylic or hard gel applied to natural length of nails. These services do not include a manicure but can be added onto the service for an additional charge of $15.